Wednesday, September 12, 2012


iPhone 5 Faster Bigger Screen Thinner Body with 4G
a BETTER CAMERA and Longer Lasting Battery

Yes Boys and Girls, all you Apple iPhone and iPad lovers out there in "The Land of APPLE" The long awaited (2 years) release of the Apple iPhone 5 is here. The new iPhone has been unveiled, and it "Taller" Thinner, Faster, has a "Better Camera" a Faster A6 Chip, and can now work on 4G .. All things sure to make Apple and iPhone lovers happy after the disappointment of the iPhone 4S last year, which was to say the least, not a big hit. Does the "iPhone 5" make up for the disappointment of the iPhone 4S ? Time will tell, but the picture seems much improved, and we're not just talking about the new and improved camera.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Saturday, September 1, 2012


  About 9 weeks ago, I received a advance copy of a wonder new book "1 MILLION DOLLARS / Make $250,000 A-Half Million Dollars or ONE MILLION DOLLARS All Yours" Wow that's quite a statement, and easier said than done. Well not really, and there is no blowing smoke here. I'm testing it and I can see How This System Can and Will Work for Me and anyone who takes the short amount of time to read this "Amazing Book" and then put it's Principals into practice.
   Yeah, yeah, I know, there are hundreds of books out there that make similar claims. Well I don't know about all those books. I do know that, yes there are similar type books that make false or unrealistic claims. I  have not read all the books out there, maybe there are, and I'm sure there has to be some that work, or might work, or "Do Work," like this book here, One Million Dollars / Make $250,000 A-Half Million One Million Dollars All Yours.
    Well, as I've said, I received an advance copy of this book 9 weeks ago. I read it through in about an hour. It all seemed pretty reasonable and doable. It made sense and not a bunch of unreasonable and unrealistic approach. No, this was real. I could tell right away and was quite intrigue, and I must say surprised at how "Easy and Simply" the methods and formula for gaining some wealth was. And also i was a bit annoyed at myself that I had not thought of these things and putting together a plan and "practices" together for myself long ago. The "Practices and Complete Method" of this program is so "Easy" and is right in front of you, plain and simple for you to do, yet most people never think to apply the practice. You may feel a bit dumb as I did, when I first read this book of I might say "Enlightenment" for that's what it does, "I Opens your eyes and shows and sends you on a path to gaining a little bit of "Wealth Some Day." 
    You will not get Rich Overnight, nor probably not become Super Rich. Hey as the author (Andrew Gold) says I can't give you The World for a mere $2.99, but I can give you, well show you the way at least to be "Secure" with at least $250,000, yes "A Quarter Million Dollars," maybe a Half-Million, and even "One Million Dollars" or more, that you can and may accumulate one day. Well i'd say, that seems pretty dam good. Not a bad deal to make $2.99 (the Investment in the book "One Million Dollars), for the very real chance to gain A-Quarter, A-Half, or one whole Million Dollars.
     I myself, so far have accumulate a nice piece of Cash that I know I wouldn't otherwise have had now in my procession if I didn't start practicing the methods set forth in "One Million Dollar" Wish I had this book 30 years ago, when I was a young man of just 20. If I did, instead of having just $85,000 in total Wealth at the age of 52 as I did 10 weeks ago, I'd be Worth over a Half-Million Dollars right now. Yes $500,000 ..
    Oh yes, you do want to know what these methods are? Of course, well I can't really go into great detail as I signed a confidentiality disclosure when I received my copy of this wonderful book to read and review.
   All i can do is say that I highly recommend this book, I will be sending copies to family members and close friend who I know can use it and all the wonderful information and a means and method for them to gain a little Wealth, some Security.
   And oh yes, by the way, I meant to mention before. As I've already stated, you are not going to get Super Rich and this isn't going to happen overnight. Many people, myself included, may never gain or have 
$250, 000 to their name, let alone a Half-Million-Dollars or a Million. They may never have the security of having at least a Quarter Million Dollars, which is not that bad. All I can do, is tell you this. Get this book, it only cost $2.99 .. Peanuts! Read it, READ IT! READ IT! and follow the methods and instructions, great advice. Put them into practice, and you my friend, will have at least "A-Quarter-MILLION DOLLARS" in your Bank Account some day. 
    In closing, I'd like to say thank you to the author Mathew T. Gold for helping me to gain a little wealth. Awesome, makes me Happy and makes me feel a little more secure and free of worrying about personal finances and paying the bills. Now I've got this stuff all covered. And I'd also like to thank Mathew for giving me the opportunity to read this marvelous book, so now I've passed this great knowledge on to close friends and family, Loved Ones, and now they can all breath a bit easier and feel happier in their lives. And not only this, by writing this article, hopefully if any number of people buy this book, follow the advice, and put the simple practices into practice. They gain a bit of Wealth, Build their Bank Accounts, gain security and have less worry. Then I can feel quite good about helping others as I've lead them to this Great Book.
    Well that's it my friends. Good Luck, and good life.

Edward Cullen