Saturday, December 29, 2012


Check Out The Guy With Eyes 
Fixed on Marilyn Ass



NEW YORK SKYLINE "The World's Greatest"

Yes Boys and Girls, New York City has without a doubt and By-Far The World's Single Greatest Skyline .... Yes there are others that are quite Wonderful, like Hong Kong, Paris, and .... ???? When it comes to a Great Skyline and Thee # 1 Best Undisputed Champ, You Can Not Beat 
New York .. No Other City even comes close. New York with Wonderful Iconic Buildings like, The very cool Triangular "Flatiron Building, The World's Most Beautiful Skyscraper by Far "The Chrysler  Building, The Citicorp Building, The Lipstick Building and The World's Most Famous Skyscraper of all "No Matter That It's No Longer The Tallest" The World's Undisputed Champ "The EmPIRE STATE BUILDING" of New York ... 
We had The Twin Towers which were Cool, "Side-By-Side Skyscrapers" but sadly we all know what happened to them on that fateful day 9/11  2001  ..  WTC1 "World Trade Center 1" and Other Buildings that are making up the new World Trade Center Complex has reached its highest heights and is part of the new and ever changing New York Skyline. These new buildings can't match the effect of those Two Giants standing side-by-side, but there's nothing we can do about them. Well when they first went up, many did not care for them, they were ridiculed as being Ugly, Horrible Architecture and what-not, but people grew to Love them eventually  Especially after they were destroyed.
Anyway, back to the main point of this little piece and tribut to the World's greatest Most Beautiful Skyline of All, "New York"

Chicago? Can't touch This"

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

Friday, December 28, 2012

Stormin Norman Scwarkopf

Stormin Norman Swarzkopf, the Great American General who led The U.S. and Coalition Forces in The 1991 Gulf War Against Iraq ... Born in 1934 in Trenton, New Jersey, Swarzkopf attended The United States Military Academy at West Point. He did Two Tours of Duty in Vietnam and led the U.S. Army into Grenada 
    He once told a room full of reporters: "As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational arts, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that, he's a great military man, I want you to know that."


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Quentin Tarantino's
Django Unchained

Went to the movies twice in the past 3 days. Well not in the normal sense, as I only saw one movie, not Two. But I did go to the Movies twice. On Sunday December 23rd I went to see Argo. It was my second choice of what I wanted to see. I wanted to see Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino. I'm a big Tarantino fan and I've been waiting for Quentin to make another Masterpiece ever since Pulp Fiction 20 years ago. Could Django be It? Well, obviously I didn't see Django on Sunday as it wasn't in theaters yet. It was opening Christmas Day, two days later on Tuesday December 24, 2012 .. Oh Well? I'll have to see something else.
   So yes, I decided on Argo which was getting rave reviews. OK, here you go Boys and Girls. In a Nut-Shell, Argo is a very good movie. Yes very good. But as the media and Hollywood tend to do, it is kind of over hiped. Yes, Argo is a Dam good movie, but it's not as they (the Media and Hollywood) are pro-porting Great, and thee Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread. Yes, it's worth going to see. Well for some, $13.50 is a lot of Money to dish out for a movie that eventually you'll be able to see for free or much cheaper than $13.50 a head, but I just wanted to go out, do something and be entertained, and I was. Argo is a good movie and worth seeing, but if you ask me am I recommending you go run out and see it, and not wait to see it for free, then No! It's not great enough to have to run out and see it right away. Heck, it's not even great as much of the media is coining it. It is Very Good and I liked it, but there's no-way I'm going to call Argo Great, but if you really don't have anything to do on some particular night, and just want to go to a movie and don't mind shelling out $13.50 a head, then go, "You Will Like It" and not feel ripped-off. So there.
    Now, back to Django, "Django Unchained" Quentin Tarantino's latest. Yes I loved Pulp Fiction, I liked Reservoir Dogs, Didn't like Jackie Brown, nor kill Bill 1 or 2, and defiantly not Inglorious Bastards. I loved True Romance which Mr. Tarantino wrote the Screenplay to but did not direct. Now just for Reservoir Dogs and his Masterpiece "Pulp Fiction" Quentin Tarantino is like Gold to me. So I wanted to see Django. Yes I went to see Argo just two nights before, and now two nights later, Christmas Night I'm lookin to go to the movies again, and I want to see Django Unchained. So after a nice Christmas Meal over some friends house and everyone leaves, I' m thinking about Django, and I want to go see it. So I take the F Train to 6th Ave and 14th Street and walk three blocks to The Regal Union Square Cinema where Django is playing. I know there's a chance it might be sold out, and when I get up to the ticket sell, Yes it is, "Sold Out" that is. So, now here it is on the 26th and I've not seen Django. I went home and watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas starring Jim Carrey. Hey it was good. I enjoyed it. The costumes and scenery were great. Jim Carrey was great, it's a Christmas Movie, which I love, and it was Free, "Not $13.50" and That's Good.
   Well yes, I do want to go see Django Unchained, and hoping it will be, if not a masterpiece, then Dam Good anyway. Will I see it at a theater or at home? Well I think I will make it to the cinema, maybe this Friday night, and when I do. I'll let you know, so for now Django is still Unchained.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

John Goodman, Allen Arkin
and Ben Affleck
in Affleck's

Sunday, December 16, 2012

THE McRib Is Back 2012

YES BOYS and GIRLS, IT'S BACK! Had One Yesterday, and My Second Today ... What?
The "McRib" It's Back and I've Had two!!  This Is BETTER Than Christmas.

WHERE?  McDonalds on 6th Avenue Between 14th and 15th Streets in New York City ...
YES! NEW YORK NEW YORK !!! We've got The "McRib" BACK ! Oh HAPPY DAY! When The McRib Comes, Oh Yes McRib Has Come !

And Guess What? The Rolling Stones are Back Too! Wow, This Is Too Much Happiness, The Stones and The McRib Both Back and All in The Same Month December 2012, One of The Greatest Months of Any YEAR EVER !

"McRib" NEWS FLASH Sunday December 16, 2012  "McRib" AVAILABLE at McDonalds on Broadway (Just South of Astor Place) New York, NY ....


THE "McRib" Is BACK !
And It's a THING of BEAUTY !!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


THIS Is a LETTER I Wrote to Jim Farber at The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS on His article/review on the ROLLING STONES CONCERT at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center on December 8, 2012

Hi Jim, Thanks for the great piece "Satisfaction" (Rolling Stones) ....  I'm a lifelong Stones Fan from the early 60's when The Stones first started, I was like 5 years old. And with all the "Shitty Music" they make these days I've grown to Love The Stones and all the Great Rock, R&B, and Pop Artists of the 60s and 70s even more, as they make barely any good music anymore these days. I don't understand it. With a very few exception like Alicia Keyes, Cee Lo Green and a "VERY FEW OTHERS" I think "The Music These Days SUCKS" !!!!!
    That's why the Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band The Rolling Stones are so important, and I as well as Many Millions "Thank" those guys for still keeping it together, for all the "Crappy Music" these days and lack of Anything Good, we can still pull out the Old Vinyl and listen to all the great R&B, Pop, and Rock acts of the 60s and 70s along with Greats like; Frank Sinatra, Dino, Sammy, Tony B, Louis Prima, Louis Armstrong and 100s of others. Thank God for the 50s 60s and 70s otherwise all we'd have is the "Shit of Today" Thank God He Created The Rolling Stones. "Or was that Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the rest?" Well, yes God did have some hand in it, "I think."
   Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Can't help it when I Think About The Very Sad Fact That Rock has Died. replaced by "Shit Crap RAP Techno and Whatever They Call All The Other Garbage" they so "Wrongfully" call music these days. "It's A SIN." !!!  And I don't believe it's a generational thing as I grew up loving my generations Music The Beatles, The Stones, Pop, R&B, and hard Rock along with Loving my Mom and Dads Music as well, like; Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat king Cole, Louis Armstrong and others. And I remember driving around Jersey in my Dads Plymouth listening to the Radio and my Dad singing along and loving the Music. He was of a older generation and Loved all the Big Band; Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and such which he always talked about "Playing Hooky" from school and going to see the Big Bands with His Buddies at the Paramount Theater, a Live Big Band (The Top Acts of The Day) and a Movie for just .50 Cents .....  And that's why I can't go see the Stones, $450 and Up for tickets plus working in the restaurant business I'd have to take off work and lose over $150 in pay. Even if I could get tickets, it would cost me more than $700 to see the Stones. I love the Stones and wanted to see them one more time (seen them Twice before at much more REASONABLE Prices according to the TIME) ..
   Well Jim, I don't know if you're going to read this "long-winded" letter. Sorry I didn't originally want to right it so long, but I got going and couldn't stop. Loved Your article on The STONES, especially the first 4 paragraphs, which gave me a good feel for the show. I Always have my Great Rolling Stones Vinyl Record Collections (about 30 Albums)  along when I went to see the Stones 2 times in the 70s, I've seen Mick Jagger around town, mostly in Night Clubs and Bars, and when I used to be the Maitre'd at Celebrity Central Restaurant "Da Silvano" I got Keith Richards autograph on a baseball that also has Johnny Bench's signature on it. I took care of Tons of Celebrity's over the years and Keef is the only person I ever asked for an Autograph. "He was Great." Anyway thanks for writing such a good article and painting a good picture of the Concert.


                                                              New York, NY

Thursday, November 15, 2012

PRESIDENT OBAMA "I'm Proud of New York You Guys Are TOUGH"

President Obama visited Ravaged Staten Island today to lend his Support as President of The United States of American, but more as The Kind Man He is. President Obama gave Staten Islanders and all New Yorkers some "Kind Words of Support and Encouragement" Giving heart Felt Condolences to the family who lost their two young children in Staten Island and the New York City Police Officer Kevin Gallagher who stood by Them.
   President Obama told New Yorkers "I'm Proud of New York ... You Guys are TOUGH" !!! Thank You Mr. President for the Kind Words and Compliment. Yes We are Tough but as Governor Cuomo said the day after the disaster we he also said "New Yorkers are Tough, but We're Sweet and KIND and I'm Proud to Be One" (A New Yorker) said Govenor Andrew Cuomo.
   Thanks again Mr. President, that is why You Were Re-Elected "The People Know That You are a Good Man, A Kind Hearted Man" who Cares about hisFfellow Man, Americans and all around The World.



Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Is It Bond or Is It Me? The Question of Why Bond Just Doesn't Seem as Great and Wonderful as Days Gone By?
    I Grew Up Watching Bond. I've Seen Every Bond Film live at the Time It Came Out since my First Experience with Agent 007 James Bond when I was just a young boy of 7 .. That was in 1965, the film "Thunderball" with The Legendary Undersea Battle and the Yacht the divided in two. I also saw my first Bare Breasted Woman in that film when Bond was in a Night Club where a stripper was dancing. A young Boy just Loves that.
   Everything is so much more Magical when your young, all the great movies I saw at the Rivoli Theater in Rutherford, New Jersey Enchanted me to no-end. It was like I was in a Dream, I was in the picture and experiencing everything; Fast Cars (DB5) Beautiful Women, Casinos, Gadgets, and Exotic Locales, Globe Trotting The World. I Always wanted to be just like Bond, and to some small extent I did. I Traveled the World, I Had Unbelievable Gorgeous Girlfriends and brief liaisons and affairs.I traveled the World and though on a small scale always had a Bond-Like bent in my personal life and style, educated, Smart, Sophisticated, stylish, World Traveling Lady's Man..
  Well Back to me, seeing my first Bond Film to the latest Skyfall and every Bond Film in-between along with the first 4 that had come out before I saw my first. Of Course Quantum of Solace was absolutely Horrible and a great disappointment not only for me but Millions of Bond Fans who thought it was horrible as well.
   They axed Pierce who I though was a great Bond. Why did they do that? I was Pissed! They're not going to get someone in this day and age better at Bond than Pierce Bronson who did a great job in 4 Bond films starting with Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies, the World is Not Enough, and Die Another Day. Yes Piece did a great Job As Bond, I personally liked him a lot as James Bond and was worried about the new Bond, could he fills Piece's shoes? I didn't think anyone could but I was hoping for the Best. So when Casino Royale came, I went and hoped. And I was pleasantly Suprised, this new Guy Daniel Craig was Great. Casino Royale was Great, I was happy and me and Millions of Bond fans were content, We Got a New Bond and a Good one at that.
   Then came Quantum of Solace. It SUCKED! So we were all kind of apprehensive with the release of Skyfall, would it be good, Great, So-So, or Suck? Of course we were all hoping for the Best, we always want Bond to be Good, Great! So the verdict. Well I'm Happy to say "Skyfall Didn't Suck" Was it Great? Afraid Not! How bout Good? Yes Skyfall was good, just not Great "Nothing to Get Excited About" ! OR is it me? Am I jaded, do O read too much into it, and pick it apart, instead of viewing it like a kid, but there's no way you can ever get that Childlike Magic back. Or can You? Well a little anyway.
   Well to answer those question. No I can never get that Childlike Magic back, small pieces but the whole-blown Childlike Magic can never fully be gotten back. Maybe in a Dream, but we're talking reality here.
Yes i do not have the childlike magic. Yes I pick the movie apart and analyze it, which you never do as a child, you just watch it and Love it or not.

Sean Connery
as Bond

 Well, I may not process the Childlike Magic any more, But Let Me Tell You This, though I Love Bond and always want him "It" (The Movie) to be Great, "It's Not." And it's not Methe editing, the , "It's Bond" Not as Good, no Great as It Used to Be. The Movie that Is. It's Not Daniel Craig, he proved he's a fine Bond in Casino Royale. No, it's the producers, the Director (Get Rid of Mendes), the decisions they make, in the story-line, the Music, direction of the Movie, should tone-down the Girls, Sex innuendos, Gadgets, the Music, The Cliches. Yes, YES, YES! It's the Decisions and Direction the Producers, Writers, and Director take. And Speaking of "Taking" Do Not Take Out the Cliches. They May Be Cliches but Cliche may be good, it's what makes a particular "Thing" Good, a THING Like Bond, The Bond Franchise. We the People that pay a Whopping $14.50 as I did, Expect and Want the Cliches, and "ALL" of them, and full-on. Give us Hot Sexy Bond Girls, Give Us all The Great Music and plenty of "Dant-Dant-Di-Dant" Music affects, it charges us up, it's what we Expect "What We Want." Give us plenty of Cool Gadgets and Q and Bond  in ther Gadget Lab and later in the Movie Agent 007 Bond using the Gadget to get out of "Danger." Give us Bonds quirky remarks, charm, and wittiness  a GREAT THEME SONG, Play the Cliche Bond music through-out  the movie. "We Want It All" ! Don't worry Broccoli, there can never be too many Cliches when it comes to Bond. We Want Them. "We Demand Them." So Bond writers, Producers, Directors and Actors, if You Want Great Bond Films for the next 50 Years as in the first 50 despite a few glitches her-and-there, "Leave in All The Great Cliches" that made Bond Great over the years, "That's Your Formula for Another successful 50 Years" and to make the Millions of Bond Fans Happy and content, Bond Cliches! 

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Went to See SKYFALL last Night at AMC Theater 25 on 42nd Street in Times Square. "Guess What?

Went to See Skyfall Last Night, The First Day in NEW YORK and The U.S. ... Like Most Hardcare "Bond Fans" I Wish Wishing and Hoping This the 23rd Edition of The Great Thing We Know and Love as Bnd Films.. I Like Millions of Other Fans was Waiting in Great Anticipation of "The Return of Bond" as it says in the ending credits of every Bond Filml, "James Bond Will Return" There's no question of a Sequel, Bond is a Franchise and you know there's always going to be aother Bond Movie, another Adventures, a New Evil Villain in a Quest for World Domination "Or Something Like That" and if need be, there's going to be a New Bond (actor Playing James Bond).And we got a New Bond 3 Movies ago in Daniel Craig. Craig's First Film was hugely anticipated as here we have a "New Bond" and Pierce Bronson had don a great job in his Bond Films. How was Craig going to be as Secret Agent 007? A very Big Question. Craig didn't disappoint, He Was Awesome in Casino Royale. The Movie Was Very Good as Well. We were all Happy. Then came Quatnum of Solace a "Big STINKER" It SUCKED, most would agree. So now we have Skyfall coming along and everyone is wondering, is it going to be a "Dam Good Bond Film" or a "Crappy Stinker Like Quantum" ??? Of course We were all "Hoping For The Best."
   So Did SKYFALL Deliver you want to know? Yes and No! Yes ... It Delivered yes in the fact that it Didn't SUCK Like Quantum of Solace, which was thee Most IMPORTANT Thing this Movie Needed to Accomplish, "Just Don't SUCK." !!! It didn't and Thank God for That. Hoping for the Best from Skyfall, did we get it? Well, I wouldn't say we got the best, but we did get pretty goo. Not The Best, No I Didn't walk out of the Theater All Pumped Up and Supercharged like I saw a Great Movie. No, I did feel satisfied, entertained, I like the Movie and felt it was quite good. It was Bond and an Event, The First Night and all that, but this latest Bond Movie is "Far from Being Great or Oscar Worthy" as some writers and reviewers have coined it. Far from it! People like to jump-On-The-Band-Wagon. I'm Not, I tell it like It-Is! I wanted to and wish i could say SKYFALL was  great and Ranks Anong The Best Bond Films of All-Time like some have. The Problem Is, "It Isn't" wish it was but it's now. But what is Very Important is the "Fact" That Skyfall was Good and Din't SUCK Like Quantum, that would have been a Disaster. Let's be happy for that.
   Skyfall does have a good number of the Elements that we love most about a Bond Film. The Movie starts with a great chase scene through the Streets of Istanbul that was quite good. The Skyfall Theme Song while not of the Caliber of Shirley Bassey, Nancy Sinatra, or Sheena Easton was pretty good, sung by Adele. The great Bond Theme Song and background music was good, but could have been used a bit more as it always excites and pumps the audience up.
   There were Beautiful Woman but not used in the optimum as in the best and most Classic Bond Films and Best Bond Girls, a bit lacking in Skyfall. Lacking again in the Much-Loved Gadget Department. But one super great job of Pulling a Rabbit Out of The Hat was the appearance of Bonds Original Car The Famed DB5. Awesome! There was a joke by "M" about Bond pressing the Ejector Seat Button on her, and the audience roared when Bond used the specially equipped DB5's Machine Guns on The Villains.
  And Yes, as always, there were Exotic Locales, includin; Shanghai, Istanbul, Macau, and London.
OK, they Overall Best Thing about Skyfall is, "It Didn't SUCK" !!!

by DBZ  "Not DB5"

Thursday, November 1, 2012


The Day "HURRICANE SANDY" Hit NEW YORK Monday/Tuesday  October 29 & 30, 2012 .... Got Most of My Supplies ahead of Time, enough Food, Water, and Flashlights. Was at  "CAFFE REGGIO" in New Yorks, Greenwich Village twice that day hanging out 2 Hours each time, Sipping Cappuccino, on the phone and Laptop Reading and Writing, or Surfing The Net. Oh Yeah, before my first stop at Reggio I stopped in by My Buddy Giovanni at "Bar Pitti" (Proprietor) ... Had a coffee of course (Espresso) and Govanni asked me if I wanted something to Eat? Heck Yeah, Thanks! "I'll have One of Those Plaease," I said pointing to the Mortadella Sandwich one of the waiters (Lucca) was Eating. Yummm! Dam it was tasty! Giovanni gets the top-quality Mortadella from Emelia Romangna in Italy, "Tasty" and fresh. The sandwich was on a nice piece of Ciabatta Bread from The Sullivan Street Bakery (Some of The Best Bread in Town) ... So I had my Espresso and Pannino (Sandwich), hung-out, chit-chatted and thanked Giovanni for the eats and I was on my way.     Went to Caffe Reegio, Cappuccino, Reading Writing and then  went to the Grocery Store on Bleecker and LaGaurdia Place. Got paper towels, Water, Cheese, Eggs, OJ, and a couple cans of soup to add to what I already had at home, Then went home and had some of the homemade soup I had left at home. Was back home for an hour and 1/2 then when back to Reggio and did the same thing.    Went back home about 8 O'clock. I was home about 45 minutes watching the News of what was happening with Sandy "The Hurricane"   At about 8:45 the lights flickered. "Oh Shit" Yes, 5 or 6 minutes later they were "OUT" The Lights, The TV, The Laptop, Everything, "NO Electricity" we were in the "DARK" We being a Half-Million people living in lower Manhattan, from 39th Street down, no electrical Power at all. Pitch BLACK DARK! to be Continued Daniel Bellino Zwicke
Downtown New York on Tuesday October  30, 2012 The Day After HURRICANE SANDY
"HIT" NEW YORK and Left Downtown NEW YORK in The "DARK" Without SUBWAY or 
Before the STORM Hit 
by Daniel Zwicke

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Yes "Thank God For The Waldorf" They've Been a God Send for people like me "Downtown New Yorkers" who have been Without Electricity for the past 2 and a half Days Downtown New York in The AFTERMATH of "HURRICANE SANDY" a.k.a. "FRANKENSTORM"
We're in The Dark! Everyone living North of 26th Street in Manhattan have Electric Power, but those of us Downtown below 26th Street are "Without Power" We're "In The Dark" !!!

The Lobby at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BLOOMBERG BLOWS ! Bad Decisions on Hurricane Sandy !

F**KIN BLOOMBERG Did it Again. He Screwed Us. The People Who Live Downtown Manhattan, who have been without Electricity for more than 20 Hours Now and Will be again tonight and for who Knows How Long. Why Did He Screw Us?  BLOOMBERG and ASSHOLE? Simple? There are over 1 Million People without Electricity. We're in the Dark. "WHY THE HELL AREN'T THE BUSES RUNNING ASSHOLE?" Yes You MAYOR MIKE ! There Is Know Reason What-So-Ever that Bus Services could not have started by Noon. If so people would be able to get to work, to there jobs at Delis, Cafes, Grocery Stores, Restaurant, Bars, Whatever. If these Businesses were open, it would have made things a lot more bearable and easy in a Bad and Stressful Time. Instead of Helping by getting the Buses GOING, Bloomberg has exasperated an already tough situation for More Than a MILLION New Yorkers. He F**KED-UP, He SCREWED US. He's an ASSHOLE. You know he's gonna have a Bunch of Bull-Shit Excuses as to Why the Buses weren't Running Sooner and Making Life Easier on New Yorkers who are in a bad situation, No Electricity, No Lights, No TV, Nothing, "We're in The Dark" ! OK, Yeah I know, that's Not Bloombergs Fault. No. But what is his Fault is that He is supplying more than 1 Million New Yorker with "More Hardship." ASSHOLE! We would have had it much easier, and a day with Less hardship today if that ASSHOLE BLOOMBERG would have had the Buses Running today, instead of just sitting there "Doing NOTHING" they Could Have Helped People today. There's NO REASON for THIS! There has been NO BAD WEATHER What-So-Ever Today! None! In fact the weather was NOT BAD at all today. THE BUSES SHOULD HAVE BEEN RUNNING TODAY, "HELPING PEOPLE" both New Yorkers and the poor people who are here on Business or Pleasure (Tourist). You Could have made things a Lot "Better" for People instead of "Throwing Gasoline on The Fire" 


Thanks a Lot ASSHOLE! 


Monday, October 29, 2012


Yes Boys and Girls "COFFEE and FRANKENSTORM" I'ts FrankenStorm a Hurricane and You Gotta Have Some COFFEE  .. It's NEW YORK and The SUBWAY SYSTEM Has Been SHUT-DOWN ONCE AGAIN by "The BLOOMBERG" Th City Has Been Crippled with NO PLACES OPEN ..
NO PLACE to GET Some COFFEE !!! WHAT ! Dam! Gotta Get Some COFFEE ! Wanna Sit Down SIP SOME COFFEE and Just Hang !
  Lokkin for a Some COFFEE, a Cafe, a Place to hang... Walkin down Macdougal Street in The VILLAGE "GREENWICH VILLAGE" That Is !!! A VISION !!! CAFFE REGGIO "THY'RE OPEN !!! YEE-Haa!
Goin To GET SOME "COFFEE" Sit Down, RELAX... Thank Goodness for "CAFFE REGGIO"

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Hey, come over here, kid, learn something. You never know, you might have to cook for twenty guys someday. You see, you start out with a little bit of oil. Then you fry some garlic. Then you throw in some tomatoes, tomato paste, you fry it; ya make sure it doesn't stick. You get it to a boil; you shove in all your sausage and your meatballs; heh?... And a little bit o' wine. An' a little bit o' sugar, and that's my trick.

-Clemenza (Richard Castellano) teaching Michael (Al Pacino) how to cook his 
SUNDAY SAUCE alla Clemenza's.  The Godfather, Part I.
RECIPE for SUNDAY SAUCE alla CLEMENZA can be Found in 
Daniel Bellino's new book "La TAVOLA" ITALIAN-AMERICAN
Filled with wonderful stories and Recipes of "SUNDAY SAUCE"  Meatballs, Sausage and Peppers, Sugo di Pomodoro, Italian Wedding Soup (served at Connie Corleone's Wedding) and more ...

Thursday, October 11, 2012



 "That's a Bunch of Malarkey," Vice President Joe Biden says to Paul Ryan at Vice Presidential  Debates in Kentucky. Hell Yeah! Biden Kicked Ryan's Butt, sneered and "Laughed" at Ryan's many "Half Truths" or ill-informed nonsense. Joe Biden couldn't stop lying as he listened to Ryan Blow Smoke and skirt the truth.
    Yes, Biden Won the Debate, hands down. Ryan didn't look bad, but couldn't match Biden's truth, finesse  experience, and "Naturalness.
    Hope Obama does a lot of hanging out with ole Joe, get some pointers and good advice and Smack Down Romney in the up coming Presidential Debate at Hofstra University in New York. Joe Kicked Butt tonight and we want to see President Obama do the same at Hofstra.
    Yes, the VP Debate was quite riveting and Joe Biden really showed his metal, Ryan did too, but Biden gets the edge.  Come On Obama, now it's your turn to Kick some Republican Butt. Talk to Joe, get some pointers, and Kick Butt. "Go Obama!"

Daniel Bellino Zwicke


Wednesday, September 12, 2012


iPhone 5 Faster Bigger Screen Thinner Body with 4G
a BETTER CAMERA and Longer Lasting Battery

Yes Boys and Girls, all you Apple iPhone and iPad lovers out there in "The Land of APPLE" The long awaited (2 years) release of the Apple iPhone 5 is here. The new iPhone has been unveiled, and it "Taller" Thinner, Faster, has a "Better Camera" a Faster A6 Chip, and can now work on 4G .. All things sure to make Apple and iPhone lovers happy after the disappointment of the iPhone 4S last year, which was to say the least, not a big hit. Does the "iPhone 5" make up for the disappointment of the iPhone 4S ? Time will tell, but the picture seems much improved, and we're not just talking about the new and improved camera.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Saturday, September 1, 2012


  About 9 weeks ago, I received a advance copy of a wonder new book "1 MILLION DOLLARS / Make $250,000 A-Half Million Dollars or ONE MILLION DOLLARS All Yours" Wow that's quite a statement, and easier said than done. Well not really, and there is no blowing smoke here. I'm testing it and I can see How This System Can and Will Work for Me and anyone who takes the short amount of time to read this "Amazing Book" and then put it's Principals into practice.
   Yeah, yeah, I know, there are hundreds of books out there that make similar claims. Well I don't know about all those books. I do know that, yes there are similar type books that make false or unrealistic claims. I  have not read all the books out there, maybe there are, and I'm sure there has to be some that work, or might work, or "Do Work," like this book here, One Million Dollars / Make $250,000 A-Half Million One Million Dollars All Yours.
    Well, as I've said, I received an advance copy of this book 9 weeks ago. I read it through in about an hour. It all seemed pretty reasonable and doable. It made sense and not a bunch of unreasonable and unrealistic approach. No, this was real. I could tell right away and was quite intrigue, and I must say surprised at how "Easy and Simply" the methods and formula for gaining some wealth was. And also i was a bit annoyed at myself that I had not thought of these things and putting together a plan and "practices" together for myself long ago. The "Practices and Complete Method" of this program is so "Easy" and is right in front of you, plain and simple for you to do, yet most people never think to apply the practice. You may feel a bit dumb as I did, when I first read this book of I might say "Enlightenment" for that's what it does, "I Opens your eyes and shows and sends you on a path to gaining a little bit of "Wealth Some Day." 
    You will not get Rich Overnight, nor probably not become Super Rich. Hey as the author (Andrew Gold) says I can't give you The World for a mere $2.99, but I can give you, well show you the way at least to be "Secure" with at least $250,000, yes "A Quarter Million Dollars," maybe a Half-Million, and even "One Million Dollars" or more, that you can and may accumulate one day. Well i'd say, that seems pretty dam good. Not a bad deal to make $2.99 (the Investment in the book "One Million Dollars), for the very real chance to gain A-Quarter, A-Half, or one whole Million Dollars.
     I myself, so far have accumulate a nice piece of Cash that I know I wouldn't otherwise have had now in my procession if I didn't start practicing the methods set forth in "One Million Dollar" Wish I had this book 30 years ago, when I was a young man of just 20. If I did, instead of having just $85,000 in total Wealth at the age of 52 as I did 10 weeks ago, I'd be Worth over a Half-Million Dollars right now. Yes $500,000 ..
    Oh yes, you do want to know what these methods are? Of course, well I can't really go into great detail as I signed a confidentiality disclosure when I received my copy of this wonderful book to read and review.
   All i can do is say that I highly recommend this book, I will be sending copies to family members and close friend who I know can use it and all the wonderful information and a means and method for them to gain a little Wealth, some Security.
   And oh yes, by the way, I meant to mention before. As I've already stated, you are not going to get Super Rich and this isn't going to happen overnight. Many people, myself included, may never gain or have 
$250, 000 to their name, let alone a Half-Million-Dollars or a Million. They may never have the security of having at least a Quarter Million Dollars, which is not that bad. All I can do, is tell you this. Get this book, it only cost $2.99 .. Peanuts! Read it, READ IT! READ IT! and follow the methods and instructions, great advice. Put them into practice, and you my friend, will have at least "A-Quarter-MILLION DOLLARS" in your Bank Account some day. 
    In closing, I'd like to say thank you to the author Mathew T. Gold for helping me to gain a little wealth. Awesome, makes me Happy and makes me feel a little more secure and free of worrying about personal finances and paying the bills. Now I've got this stuff all covered. And I'd also like to thank Mathew for giving me the opportunity to read this marvelous book, so now I've passed this great knowledge on to close friends and family, Loved Ones, and now they can all breath a bit easier and feel happier in their lives. And not only this, by writing this article, hopefully if any number of people buy this book, follow the advice, and put the simple practices into practice. They gain a bit of Wealth, Build their Bank Accounts, gain security and have less worry. Then I can feel quite good about helping others as I've lead them to this Great Book.
    Well that's it my friends. Good Luck, and good life.

Edward Cullen

Friday, August 31, 2012


Yes Boys and Girls, fellow "ACHIEVERS" The DUDES COOKBOOK "GOT ANY KAHLUA" The Collected Recipes of The Dude is now available on Kindle. And as a "Special Introductory Memorial Day Release Offer," author Daniel Zwicke is making this "Great New Book" available for Only $2.99 for the Memorial Day Weekend Celebration of "Got Any Kahlua" Wow! Pretty Awesome Dude! Abide!
   Got Any Kahlua was released on Paperback two weeks ago and is a Smash Hit. It has received rave reveiws and is now one of the Hottest Reads for Summer 2012 .. Got Any Kahlua is selling on Amazon in Paperback for $14.00, but if you have a KINDLE, Kindle for iPhone, or Kindle for iPad, you can get yourself a copy of this Hot New Book, "MUST READ" this weekend only for just $2.99 on Kindle. "Far Out Man!"
    You can cook The Dudes Cowboy Chili this very weekend. It would go great at a Memorial Day Picnic or Barbecue. Or if you are barbecuing you might want to make yourself a "Dude Burger" Dudes Mac and Tuna Salad, Dude Burritos, or "What Not." Abide!
    The Dudes Cookbook, GOT ANY KAHLUA is "The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread," since the Premier of the movie "The BIG LEBOWSKI" anyway, and this weekend you can get yourself a copy for the low special intro price of $2.99 .. Abide and get yourself a copy you Lucky Dog. Read and cook up a Dude Recipe or two, or three.


Thursday, August 30, 2012


 Prince Harry got Naked in Vegas! Yeah, so what, Millions do and have done so. But it's Harry The Royal Prince of The House of Windsor. The Queen, Harry's Grand-Mom is all prim and proper, and "Proper" and not getting naked as all Royals should be. So they say. And will the Queen go into a Royal Tizzy about the incident of her Royal Grandson Prince Harry But-Naked in Las Vegas for the whole World to see. Maybe not. This is actually a good thing. So what, Harry got naked,. "But Naked." He's his own man, and just saying his true side.
      Prince Harry is a fine upstanding man. He serves his country and his family in a honorable and delightful way, part serious, always dependable, he does the right thing, he charming, and his great spirit radiates. Harry has put his life on the line for his country Great Britain and The Entire World and fights for what is right, not just for England and the World. And this fine up-standing young man is loved by many as he travels the World at times in a official capacity representing his Royal Family and the country of Great Britain. He does it in a most delightful way; dancing with the locals in Jamaica and Bardados, participating in various sports with enchanted children all around the World, and just plain doing good and touching people in a beautiful and wonderful way. The Royal Family, England, and the entire World can be right proud of Prince Harry, and indeed England and the entire world is. And World we say, and not just England, as Harry is human and of the world.
    Yes Prince Harry got naked in Vegas. A few are getting into a tizzy over it, but not many. Why should we? Most of us feel, Bravo, well-done Harry. Enjoy yourself, have a good time. We salute you. You have done well. You are a fine up-standing man. You serve The Royal Family, your country, The World and Humanity quite well. Bravo! You're a young man with a great spirit, a fine soldier who's on leave and look to blow-off-some steam and have a good time while you're still in your relative youth. A man, but still youthful. Who ever knows what is in store for tomorrow? You put your own life on the line for your country, for the World, for "what is Right." You do it well Harry and we salute you. So if you feel like heading to Vegas or where ever and having a good time, playing "Strip Pool," getting Naked, then go right ahead Harry and enjoy yourself and have a grand time. You deserve it Harry, you make the World Proud.

Cover Story by Daniel Bellino Zwicke

PRINCE HARRY Says "Shhhhh!!!"

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yes Boys and Girls "The Snook" better known as "SNOOKI" of "THE JERSEY SHORE" aka Nicole Polizzi gave birth to a Baby Boy yesterday, 6 Pound 5 Ounce "LORENZO DOMINIC La VALLE" was born at Saint Barnabas Hospital in New Jersey near "The Jersey Shore." MTV Jersey Shore Baby Lorenzo.

Friday, July 27, 2012

THE SUMMER OF 69 "1969"

      I heard a song the other day. "One" by Three Dog Night. One, it's the Loneliest  Number. It's the loneliest number that could ever be. The Summer of 1969, they landed a Man on The Moon. It was July 20th in the Summer of 1969. I saw it I watched late one Summer night at a family friends house, the Romeo's in North Arlington where my brother Jimmy and I were house guest for a couple days. sleepovers are always fun for kids. I was 11 years old in the Summer of 69, listening to the sounds on my Transistor Radio I loved so much. My Dad bought it for me for my Birtday that year. I loved that little Radio, like a kid these days would love to have an iPad, a thing they could do so much more on than listen to music. But for me all the beautiful music of the 60's and Summer of 69 was more than enough. Hey, the kids today can play a unbelievable amount of great games, take photos, video, email, write, add, subtract, Search the World Wide Web. We couldn't do that, but we had great music, something kids are almost devoid of today. Well unless they download on their, iPad, iPod, phone or whatever, songs from the 60's 70s, and 80s. Otherwise, all they got is a bunch of Crap, with a smattering of very few good songs around today.
     The Summer of 69 .. Late one night, in the Romeo's living room I watch Neil Armstrong step on  to the surface of The Moon. Do you believe it? "The Eagle has Landed" famous words when the Lunar Module "The Eagle" landed on the surface of the Moon. Phenomenal. Even as a young boy of just 11 i new this was Monumental, Historic.
     They were happy days, the Summer of 69. I remember swimming and lounging around the Romeo's pool, and Mrs. Romeo bring us out a platter of Watermelon, always a special treat for me. The Romeo's were a Middle Class family, we were in the lower spectrum of the Middle Class as concerns monetary means. The Romeo's had a beautiful Cabana Pool and owned their own house. We rented. I thought they were Rich. The boys all had musical instruments, Electric Guitars, and a Drum Set. I thought theyr were rich. They weren't, but what did I know. I was happy that summer of 69, we went up to lake George for our Summer Vacation for a week. Awesome.
     the Summer of 1969, they landed a man on the Moon, two of them, and I watched it live. Incredible
        The Summer of 69, I listened to my Radio; Honky Tonk Woman, Sly and The Family Stones "Hot Fun in The Summer Time, Laughing by The Guess Who, and yes "One" The Loneliest Number, little did I know, 40 years later that would be me, "One" the loneliest number.! The Summer of 69 was The Summer of Love and Woodstock

Thursday, July 26, 2012


  Happy Birthday Mick. You Ole Codger. Yes Codger. Sixty-Nine Years old today. Elderly and eccentric. You qualify and fit the descript of a Codger Mick. No we're not knocking Mick. We Love this ol Bloke. Love him dearly. We (I have anyway) grown up with the Mickster through the years. The young Boyish-Girlish looking Mick. Beautifully handsome. No we're not knocking Mick who gave us such great beloved tunes like Satisfaction, Angie, Beast of Burden, Start Me Up, "If you Start Me Up I'll Never Stop" Never Stop Never Stop. You do it Mick. he ain't stoppin yet. We love the ole Mickster. yes we do, and especially since we have all his (and The Stones) great tunes to listen to. And especially since the make such Shit these days. No, not Mick and The Stones, all the other Crappy groups around and "So-Called" musical artists. "Not" !!!
     Yes "Thnk God" we've still got Mick and The Boys "The Stones" and all their great music we can throw on the Stereo, listen to, reminisce, and Enjoy. We Love it! Listening to Mick Keith and The Rolling Stones, "The World's Greatest Rock-N-Roll Band" of All-Time. 
     Yes "Happy Birthday Mick" Sir Mick, Mick Jagger. We Love you.
          Keep on Rocking. You old Codger you.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Young Boyish-Girlish Mick

Codger MICK

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Remembering Amy. We must. Lovely Amy. As we all know she died to soon. A tragic life and death at the age of 27 .. The dreaded 27, the age Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Famed Graffiti Artist Jean Michel Basquiat, Kurt Cobain,and Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones died. And 1 Year ago, Amy Winehouse as well.
Amy is gone. Died of alcohol intoxication. A tragedy, especially such a great talent in a day of  barely any great talents such as was the case of the great musical decades of the 1960's and 70's., but now a lot of out and out garbage and really no great musical talents such as we had with the great Rock, Pop, and R&B Artists of the 60s and 70s. There are none today or the past 20 years or so, just a bunch of bad to mediocre music.
The 200's, forget it. Not one truly great musical artist. We had Amy, she was great. A wonderful soulful singer with a powerful contralto voice. Amy sang R&B, Soul, and Jazz like no new artist has for some time. Just to hear her wonderful soulful sing on "Love Is A Losing Game" or Valerie, and right there you can see (hear) what a great a phenomenal artist she was. A true star and one of the greates singers of her time, if not the best.
   Unfortunately Amy's life was snuffed out way to  soon. She was unable to beat the demons that took her life. Unfortunately she couldn't pass through it. There have been many people over the, famous and not who have taken and abused quite a lot of "Drugs and Alcohol" and they may have been lucky that these two substances never took their lives. They may have done tons of drugs and drank far more alcohol than one should ever drink, but nothing bad ever happened to them. They made it through however many years of abuse, and were lucky enough to wake up and stop before the drugs and alcohol and recklessness killed them. Guys like Keith Richards and others. Poor Amy was not so lucky. She didn't stop in time and Alchohol got her and killed her. Maybe drugs too. Poor Amy didn't get a pass. Amy who with her wonderful voice could have become one of the greatest musical artist of the 21st Century. Not that she isn't great. She is. She was, but it is the thought that if only Amy didn't succumb to the drugs and alcohol, imagine all the great music she had in front of her and would have but din't get the chance to record. To Live.
    God Bless You Amy and Rest in Peace.  You are missed by many, now after one year and always.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Yeah, "FUCK YOU KNICKS" I don't want to go into a whole lot of detail right now. All i can say is that New York Knicks manegement SUCKS, "Big Time." They had a Golden Opportunity to cash in on one of NBA History's Most Phenomanal Stories and players eve, and they blew it. They let the Houston rockets beat and Out-Bid a new york team. This is EXCEPTIONABLE. Jeremy Lin came out of no where last year and set the Sports and Basketball World on Fire with his lightning fast rise to fame and prominence.  no body has seen anything like this since Michael Jordan. No, I'm not comparing him with Michael Jordan or Jordan great skills as a basketball player. Jordan may very well be the Greatest basketball Player of All-Time. lin will never be any where near as great as Jordan. But the story and sudden success and the whole Linsanity is every bit the equal to Jordan's story, maybe even more phenomenal. 
The Knicks have NEVER EVER had any player with the Marquee Power and prominence of Lin.  yes the Knicks have had many wonderful players over the years; Bill Bradley, Earl Monroe, Walt "Clyde" Frazier, Patrick Ewing who in all those years with the Knicks could Never lead them to a NBA Title wihich the Knicks haven't won since 1973. Sad! The "KNICKS SUCK"
Maybe Jeremy Lin and his teammates could have brought the Knicks their "FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP in 40 YEARS" Maybe not. But at least they could have tried with the type of ball player who only comes around once or twice to a team in a lifetime. that player was Jeremy Lin. The Knicks let him get away, and for that, guess what, "The KNICKS SUCK." !!!!!

5 Top Reasons The KNICKS SUCK
1)  They Let Jeremy Lin Go
2)  They Let The Rockets Out Bid Them
3)  They didn't give Jeremy Lin the Money
4)  The deliberately made NY lose
5)  They past up a Golden Opportunity


Monday, July 2, 2012


Stumptown Coffee

photo Daniel Bellino Zwicke

 Ace-ing it at the Ace, The Ace Hotel that is. One of the coolest hotels in town. New York Town. The Ace Hotel on Broadway at 29th Street is Ultra Cool and the place to stay for a plethora of creative types from around the country, The World. 
      Yes the Ace is very cool. It's quite a great addition to New York City and the neighbor this fine hotel is located in, The Flatiron District, named after the famed icon triangular building on the triangle piece of land where Fifth Avenue and Broadway intersect each other at 23rd Street with 22nd Street at the south end of The Flatiron Building, one of the World's First Skyscrapers. The Flatiron Building completed in 1902 is 22 stories high, and along with The Chrysler Building, and The Empire State Building gives New York a trio of The Three Most Beautiful Skyscrapers in the World. Three, it's not a lot, but in no other place in the World does there exist one other building with the beauty of one of these, not one and we have Three. Quite a feat. Yes the Eiffel Tower in Paris is beautiful and as icon as any building can be and is equal in beauty to any of our Great Trio, but technically it's not a skyscraper, but a tower, and yes we do love it.
      Anyway, got off on one of my tangents there. Sorry. Back to the Ace Hotel. Besides being a great place for tourist and business people from all around the country and world to come to and stay in New York., it's great for New Yorker's, many of whom dine at the Breslin or John Dory Restaurant. Many more, hundreds drop into Stumptown Coffe at the Ace for a solid fix of Espresso, Cappuccino, or American Coffee. Stumptown is known to make some of the finest coffee in town, and I'll attest to that, they're great.
       But, my favorite thing about the Ace Hotel in the Flatiron District is the wonderful lounge they have there. The Lounge at The Ace hotel is a magnet for writers, Start-Up People, and all sorts of creative types, musicians, bloggers, poets, and what not, but mostly writer. And there is quite a lot of good energy and a great vibe as a result.
     And the people are quite accommodating, providing two large writing tables and one small one, and the largest one has tons of electrical outlets for your Laptop and other devices. Thank You Ace Hotel. Thanks for being so thoughtful, for creating such a great place, and..
      The Ace has actually help transform this stretch of Broadway filled with wholesalers selling; jewelry, handbags, watches, hats, baseball caps, T-Shirts, toys and all sorts of things. But now as a result of the Ace, two more cool boutique hotels have popped up in the neighborhood. You have the Flatiron Hotel about 3 blocks down Broadway, which is pretty cool, but quiet and has not garnered a lot of buzz or press as its neighbor the Nomad Hotel has across the Street.
      So there you have it, The Ace Hotel and inside The Breslin, World Class Coffee at Stumptown, a cool Submarine Sandwich place Sub 7, and the coolest writing lounge in town, The Lounge at the Ace Hotel. Thanks again Ace people, we Luv ya.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Monday, June 18, 2012


Ringo, Rock it out at The Mohegan Sun Arena last night. Ringo Starr and His ALL-STAR BAND consisting of the Great Todd Rundgren, Steve Lukather of Toto, Richard Page and others.
A show of Show with Ringo Singing all his Great Hits including: Yellow Submarine, Boys,
It Don't Come Easy, Photographs and Memories, and more.
We Love Todd. Todd Rundgren of course and Todd and the Band really Rocked-It with "I Saw The Light" and Bang The Drum, as well as Hello It's Me.
The Band Rock It with Toto's Steve Lukather (Friggin Awesome Guitar Player) doing the iconic "Rosanna" (written for Rosanna Arquette) and "Africa."
The All-Stars did a great job on Santana's "Evil Way" and "Black Magic Woman"
Also a fine job of Mega Hot "Broken Wings" by Richard Page of 80's Pop Group Mister Mister
Ringo wound down the show with a few Hits that had the crowd Rocking. He finished the set with a wonderful rendition of  "Give Peace a Chance" (John Lennon), as thee entire house of thousands of Happy fans sang-along. 
Bravo! And Thank You Ringo and all the 2012 All-Star Band.
"You guys were Awesomely Wonderful" 
Thanks !!!

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

SET LIST Mohegan Sun June 17, 2012

Ringo Starr made several changes from the songs he sang from his most recent tour in Brazil for the first show on the 12th All-Starr Band at Fallsview Casino Resort Thursday. Six songs, which amounted to almost half of what he sang in Brazilia at his most recent show last November, were changed.
The show opened with the Carl Perkins song “Matchbox, instead of “It Don't Come Easy,” as it did in South America. That song was played second. Third was another new-to-the-tour song, Wings” from his latest album“Ringo 2012.”
Next came the first songs by members of the band. In order, it was Todd Rundgren's “Hello It's Me,” “Gregg Rolie with “Evil Ways,” Steve Lukather with “Rosanna” and Richard Page with “Kyrie.”
Ringo Starr came back next with “Don't Pass Me By,” then Rundgren sang “Bang the Drum All Day.” Then, it was Starr's turn next again with “Boys” and “Yellow Submarine.”
Rolie's stepped forward again with “Black Magic Woman,” then Ringo with “Anthem,” another song from “Ringo 2012,” then “I'm the Greatest.” Richard Page then played a brand-new song called  “You Are Mine.”